Step #1:   Create your vCards

Pull your contact data from a number of sources: bulk .csv files, other vCards, HR systems, Facebook, etc. automatically creates a mobile-friendly web version of your vCard that is instantly available for you to use.

Step #2:   Use your vCards

Add your vCard to email signatures as a link or a file, the QR codes to your business cards or send it to customers through a text message.

Customers will then begin to download and use your contact information in ways they've never been able to before. vCard Hosting was built for the digital age.

Step #3:   Manage your vCards

Login to easily update and manage your vCard data. Those changes are instantly available whereever you've linked to your vCard at. Our system was built in such a way that it could manage your whole staff within one account.

We also have a full-featured API so that you can easily connect to your existing HR system.