has the ability to create vCards directly from csv files that are exported from Microsoft Excel or any other CRM tool. We have developed a proprietary tool that aids in the upload of CSV files into our system which then allows you to export that vCard into one of many formats.

Available Conversions

  • CSV to VCF (.vcf)
  • CSV to vCard (.vcf)
  • CSV to QR Code
  • CSV to Web vCard
  • vCard (.vcf) to CSV
  • vCard (.vcf) to QR Code
  • vCard (.vcf) to Web vCard

Bulk Upload has the ability to bulk upload vCards via .csv files. All CSV files uploaded need to conform to our specified format in order to upload correctly.

Bulk Export has the ability to bulk export vCards into a .csv file, individual .vcf files or QR code images.