has the ability to create vCards directly from csv files that are in a structured CSV file format. Below is the correct and needed format for the upload to successfully work.

vcard title,prefix,first name,middle name,last name,suffix,nickname,birthday (YYYY-MM-DD),company name,job title,job department,street 1,street 2,city,state,zip,country,email address,website,phone,mobile phone,fax,facebook,twitter,linkedin,notes,password,nofollow (Y or N)

Each field can be optionally enclosed in double quotes (").

Sample Template

We've also created an example template file that you can download to give yourself a headstart. This download is an XLS file that will open up in Microsoft Excel and will allow you to export it's contents in CSV format, which you cn use as the upload for our bulk tool.

Note: There is a header row in that file that describes what each column is for. Please delete this row before uploading.