Proper marketing requires that you get your name and contact information into as many hands as easily and efficiently as possible. By adding our vCards (virtual business cards) to your emails and/or website you will greatly broaden your client base.

Adding a vCard to your Emails

vCards can be added to emails in one of two ways: an attachment to an email and as an hyperlink or url text within your email signature that links to your vCard on our website. The hyperlink version is recommended because attachments increase the size of your emails as well as create other problems with spam filters.

To add a vCard link to your signature perform these simple steps:

  1. Login or Register at
  2. Create a new vCard by adding your contact information after clicking the "Create a New vCard" button on the My vCards section.
  3. After creating your vCard, head on over to it's detail page (My vCards -> [the title of your vCard]) and click on the 'Web View' sidebar link.
  4. Just copy that page's URL into the signature within the email client you are using. Our Example:

John Doe
Example, Inc.
123 Main Street
Anywhere, PA 15523

When added properly, it will look similar to this screenshot.

101 Other Uses (well, almost...)

After seeing what can do, you will find that it has many different uses - some you may not even have thought of. Here is a quick list of some of the awesome things you can do with your account:

  1. Add the link in your email signature
  2. Many great uses for Realtors and those in the realty field
  3. Use as your 'Facebook website'
  4. Use it as the contact info on your website
  5. Add it as your website on your real business card
  6. Grab the QR code and add it to your website
  7. Use as your website on LinkedIn
  8. Use it for your website's Support information (US Airways does this)
  9. Add it to your resume
  10. Download and attach it to your outgoing emails
  11. Put it in your auto-response emails
  12. Send the link to your friends & family when you change your address
  13. Attach the QR code to the back of your business card