is a QR Code generator. We can encode your vCards inside a scannable quare image, that when scanned, will automatically add your contact information to the scanner's address book.

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes are typically square images with what looks like random black and white smaler quares inside of it. When scanned, the QR code instructs the scanner's phone (iPhone or Android) to perform an action. Typically this action is either to add you to their address book or take you to a URL.

The Two Types of QR Codes produces two different types of QR codes for each of the vCards you create with our service. "Web vCard URL" and "Encoded vCard". As you can see from the screenshot below, the URL one is much cleaner, but requires two steps to get the vCard into the user's address book (Scan to URL, then the user needs to click the download button).

QR Code Uses

These high-resolution downloadable QR codes can be placed anywhere - on fliers, business cards, sales sheets or banners. The possibilities are endless.

Here is an example QR code to take you to our demo vCard.

Below is a screenshot of an iPhone scanning this QR code and redirecting the user to the hosted vCard on our site:

QR Code Scanners

There are many great QR code scanners out there, but here are a few that should help anyone looking to use these little black and white squares: