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"As a provider of technology to the mobile networking industry, we prioritize doing cool things with mobile devices. With vCard Hosting our business cards are one QR code link away from the contact data being saved on the recipient's phone. Because it's a link to a web page, it's a simple QR code, not too dense (or ugly), and the contents of the web page can be dynamically updated should people's details change."

— Seth Kenvin, Marketing, Vasona Networks
SMS Texting

SMS Texting

Share your vCard via SMS with our easy texting service integration.

Employee Management

Employee Mgmt

We make it easy to manage multiple employees; all from within one account.

Mobile Compatible

Mobile Friendly

Our vCards are compeltely compatible with any mobile device and look great doing it.

Real-time Analytic Reports

Real-time Analytics

We keep track of every interaction with your data with our real-time reporting.

Awesome Design

Design Love

You won't be embarrassed by our professionally designed online vCards. Demo.

Developer API Access

Developer API

Our powerful API lets you manage & analyze your vCards from your own HR system.

Cloud-Based SaaS Application

Cloud Based

Our servers are in the cloud, so you will never need to install anything to use us.

Socially Aware - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Facebook Aware

Give your vCard a head start by grabbing your information directly from Facebook.

Virtual Business Cards

Save paper & be eco-friendly by creating your virtual business cards at vCard Hosting. vCard Hosting offers a way to create a simple downloadable vCard contact file that can be used across Outlook, your website or in email signatures.

Professional Grade

Our flagship service is up to snuff for any business looking into the use of professional vcards. We offer bank-level SSL security, bulk uploading options and personal dedicated service. To top it all off, our paid accounts are completely risk-free. Try finding that anywhere else.