is extremely unique because you get detailed usage statistics broken down vCard, day and usage type (email, download, QR scan and/or web view). No other vCard hosting site gives you this level of reporting access.

Graph Example

Our reports are available to all accounts, so consider signing up today to see what you can determine from your stats.

Extended Reporting gives you the ability to view and download (in CSV format) historical usage reports by month. For instance, when you look at the statistics for December 2012 (either per vCard or aggregate) you will see the totals for that month as well as the breakdown of stats per day.

Statistics via our API

We also give you complete control how you can use the stats via our powerful API. If you want to slice & dice your statietics inside your own custom made reports, we give you the ability to do that with our API. No other vCard hosting service even comes close to our reporting features.