Upcoming Reporting Changes

2/24/2013 by Chris Cagle  •  Category: Product Update

We are improving how our 'web view' numbers are being calculated as well as adding a great new statistic insight report for our Business accounts.

Counting 'Web Views' More Accurately

We are making a small but important change in the way we calculate 'web views' for every vCard. We are now attept to ignore any web views that come from the control panel (e.g. vcardhosting.com/cp/...) in an effort to give you more accurate numbers. We are also ignoring views that come from obvious "bot" spiders such as Googlebot and others like it. We are making these changes because we assume that if someone is viewing your vCard from a link within your control panel, it is most likely you - and that shouldnt be counted as a real view (the same goes for a "bot" view).

User Details Reporting

We are now tracking visitor-specific details of who views & uses your vCard starting February 24th. These details include ip address (general location), useragent (what browser and/or device were they using) and referer (where did they come from). We are in the process of building out those reports now, but should be finished and ready for public consumption in the beginning of March 2013.

These details will be very important for those of you who want to know more specific details around the how and when people are using your contact information. We are going to offer a full-detail export for this as well so you can crunch your own reports for it if you so please to.

Even thought these reports will only be available to our Business class accounts, we are tracking this information for everyone (for the forseeable future, but we might revisit this policy) - so if you want to gain access to this detailed visitor information, and you are a personal account holder, you will need to upgrade.

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