Better Contact Management: Bring Those Repeat Customers Back

1/14/2013 by Chris Cagle

Small businesses have a major problem - Noone knows about them.

Now that over half of the world's online devices are smartphones, people are searching for their instantaneous needs and not really comprehending what they are finding.

A very typical case in point: A person finds your website via a search, then clicks the phone number on your website to call you. And that's it - people will not take the time to bookmark your website or even remember your business name. The next time that same person needs the same exact thing (they will) - they cannot for the life of them remember the name of that business they called a couple months ago.

Dang... that's a customer lost.

To combat this fatal problem we've developed a service here at that allows for your contact information to be easily downloadable off a website for easy inclusion into your new customer's address book. That way, next time they are looking for you, all they need to do is pull out their trusty address book and there your contact info is - just waiting to be called again

Repeat anyone?

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